• Arctic Carbon

HFO, Dirty Fuel ban in the Arctic Sea and global action on emission of CO2

Recently members of Environmental Committee of European parliament has called up to ban and stop usage of HFO (heavy Fuel Oil) in ..

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  • triple-e1-container ship

Face of shipping industry will change by future ships

According to the latest report, shipping-related emissions account for 3% of the total global carbon emissions, and are expected t..

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  • rolls royce

Rolls Royce Power Systems

Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG More power, less fuel consumption and emissions, lower life-cycle costs and more cylinder variants ..

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  • green ship

Green Ship of the Future

Concept Studies The GSF partners have worked together on concept studies. In these, various available technologies from the GSF p..

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  • World-Phonix-city


Constant changes in maritime regulations, safety and environmental requirements have always had an impact on the design of ships o..

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  • 2015-mercier-jones-supercraft_100461053_l

Supercraft & Hoverbike

The Supercraft combines materials and features from the marine, car and aerospace industries. For example, it is made of carbon f..

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  • 4-Global-Spirit

Industry welcomes world’s first ocean-going vessels capable of running on Methanol

Three to be delivered in April, four more by October 2016 Starting in April, Waterfront Shipping Company Ltd. (WFS), Mitsui O.S.K..

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  • yachts

The 5 Sexiest Power Boats in the World

(1) Wally 118 Despite the peculiar name, Wally Yachts are spectacularly desirable – and the fleet’s flagship takes the marque..

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  • quantum ship

Quantum – Takes Container Ship to Next Generation,Norway.

Quantum, the next-generation container ship conceptualised by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), has been designed to transport more cargo ..

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  • green ship

Satellite data could drive low-carbon shipping sector

The use of satellite data could speed up carbon cuts in shipping, even in the absence of a global agreement for the sector, a stud..

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