FSO  for  scrap  sale  ex  Pekan  Baru

This  is  wnat  I  have  received  from  Indonesian  owners and  can  only  suggest  your  buyers  to  review  the  attached profile  by  assessing  its  worthiness  basis  AS  IS  WHERE  IS LALANG  OIL  FIELD  near  Pekan  Baru,  Southern  Sumatra,  of Indonesia.

Owners are  selling their  tanker  at  SCRAP  VALUE –  they  are  now  negotiating  a  younger FSO  to  replace present one.

1. Background : this FSO has been renovated to become a transit oil barge and position in Lalang field since 1985 until it become unoperational few years ago

2. Laid up : As mentioned, she is not operational since few years ago

3. She needs to be towed. Take note the propeller and engine were removed during the renovation to become a storage barge

4. All trading certficate has expired 

5. Lightweight: 21,614 metric tons which is equivalent to about 21,273.62 long tons.

6.On board the vessel remains permanent ballast, insulation, constants, liquids and/or fluids in the system and sludges and slops of about 50,000 bbls or about 6,837 tons which is Government owned. Pumpable sludge shall be released and returned to Charterer/SKK Migas before buyer to this FSO

7.  The only equipment in tact are; pumps, generators, navigation, lighting

Attached documnts:-

1.    Picture

2.    LDT proof fm BKI –  total 4 attachments

3.    GA plan

4.    Vessel structure

Owners extended invitation for best offer from serious buyer since seller only accept highest bidder on the March 5th, 2019.

If she meet client’s requirement, I will check on her availability.

Please to hear.

Thank you.

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Ship Price: 10 M USD

Flag: Indonesia