Our team has experience working for ship operators, logistics providers, international and local insurance brokers, insurers, P&I Clubs, law firms, claims consultants and ship brokers. We believe our focus, depth of knowledge and experience in the maritime and offshore industries are a valuable asset to our clients’ business.

We have a young, enthusiastic team of marine insurance professionals all working closely with the Senior Management in an open plan environment.

A rapid increase in shipping movements has created a demand for specialised service for our domestic and foreign clients thus in order to cater successfully to the principals customised needs, the Ship Broking department is divided into three divisions namely Dry Cargo Chartering, Tanker Chartering & Sale-Purchase & Demolition Broking.

These divisions act as exclusive or competitive brokers on behalf of principals and are further split into cargo or tonnage specific desks which facilitates prompt and efficient responses to all enquiries received. Each of these desks consists of trained brokers rendering quality services to their respective principals.

Prior being assigned the profile of a Ship Broker or Post Fixture Operations executive, the individuals are exposed to our relevant port offices or the agency division in the Head Office. This enables them to understand vessel and cargo operations as well as appreciate the relevance of crucial Charter Party clauses. Access to our centralized database enables us to guide principals with any information they may need during the negotiations.