From 1 January 2013, the shipping industry will have to comply with IMO regulations covering the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP).
The need for the shipping industry to create sustainable business practices and manage energy resources at all levels is evident; it’s actual, and it’s imperative. By improved ship design, gathering reliable data, synthesizing and analysing that data in new ways and utilizing reliable information in daily operations, the entire shipping industry can become more energy efficient, more sustainable and more competitive.

For effective energy efficiency execution, the following elements are essential:
A well thought out energy management plan for the whole fleet.
Accurate data monitoring underpinned by instrumentation and software to get reliable data through an integrated energy management infrastructure.
Software applications onboard your ships that improve energy efficiency, continuously calculate and identify areas for efficiency improvements and communicate the results to the ship’s officers and engineers.
Reliable onshore software that encourages transparency, promotes awareness, tracks key performance indicators and utilizes analytical applications to determine the optimal energy saving measures.